Action Against Societal Ills-ACASI provides casework support to assist young people in providing individualized case-specific services for youth committed to their individual communities. This community-based system creates opportunities for youth to learn how to create, engage in and build positive community connections by exploring with the Community Service Network what is available to them.


Our Mission

We inspire underprivileged youths and mobilize resources to strengthen their living conditions and effectuate change in their respective communities.

Our Vision

We envision a community where all youths living in slum communities have the opportunity for a high quality of life such as, Education, Employment, Food, clothing, and shelter, Health, Rich cultural offerings, Safety, and ability to give of themselves and connect with their communities.

Our Values

We listen to and learn from our community. We address the root causes of youths living in slum communities and issues that affect such communities and mobilize resources for the common good.


We strive for equity and we focus primarily, but not exclusively, on people who are vulnerable.


We practice and champion inclusiveness in our community. We honor diverse strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds of all members of our community.


We serve as stewards for our community investments and honor the charitable intentions of our donors to meet current and future community needs. We hold   ourselves   to   the   highest   standards   of   ethics,   integrity, service, and fiduciary responsibility.